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Greenshield Resources

Board of Directors

Dr. Costanzo Garello

Dr. Costanzo is the Managing Director appointed to spearhead the collaborative efforts between Greenshield Resources and all international companies and agencies and to assist in improving agriculture in Ghana. Prior to this, he was the General Manager of the Agriculture Division of Dizengoff Ghana Limited. He is also consulting for GIZ (German Government Aid) as a Mechanization specialist. He speaks English and French fluently, Spanish (level two) Portuguese (reading) and German (rudiments).

Sylvester Vuvor

Sylvester is an Executive Director of Greenshield Resources in charge of Finance and Business Strategy. He is an entrepreneur and a consummate business development and marketing specialist with an impressive track record of developing a range of businesses, from carpentry, business development services to agriculture.

Dr. Thomas Lückerath

Dr. Thomas Lückerath is the founder and Managing Director of TL-Management GmbH established in 1994 in Germany. TL-Management GmbH currently focuses on Africa for four key areas; financing, technological know-how, market entry, business development and international trade for these selected industries: Banking and finance, commerce, health, and agriculture.

Dr. Iddrisu Awudu

Dr. Iddrisu is an Assistant Professor at Quinnipiac University with expertise covering research, operations management, business analysis and supply chain management. Prior to Quinnipiac University, Dr. Iddrisu lectured at Minnesota State University-Moorhead and North Dakota State University. On the corporate side, Dr. Iddrisu has worked with renowned companies all over the world: Nestle Ghana, Winnesoft Software Company, IKEA, Daimler Chrysler, Afripa Telecom, NAVTEQ (Nokia) and North Dakota State University.

David Dzigba

David Dzigba is a non-executive Director of the company and a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. David is the Finance Director of Helios Towers Ghana; an adept in performing extensive and in-depth research on global markets to identify new opportunities for business expansion as well as providing guidance and recommendations on how best to exploit inferred opportunities.

Aaron Ameyaw

Aaron is a non-executive Director and Secretary of the company with extensive experience in international trade, business analysis and banking. He is currently the head of Domestic Banking at Fidelity Bank Ghana and had prior to that worked at the Trade Finance Department of Merchant Bank Ghana Limited. Aaron has an outstanding ability to analyze and identifying new business targets and strategies for business expansions.

Dr. Maurizio Mazzarri

Dr. Mazzarri is an Agronomist with decades-long experience in the nutrition and management of crops, in particular vegetables both in the open field and Greenhouses. He is consulting for major actors in the market of fertilizers (Haifa, Gobbi,) seeds (Top Seeds) and plant protection, including new solutions for organic farming and special products (Gowan, Pangea, Equilibrium).

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