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Greenshield Resources


About Greenshield Resources

Greenshield Resources Limited is an agricultural value chain company dedicated to improving the sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness of agricultural businesses through promoting and enabling the management of closely aligned value chain.

Greenshield helps businesses or small holder farmers to develop closer strategic relationships, customers, and suppliers, resulting in their being able to learn and adapt more effectively and realize greater outputs (yield & profitability) than if operated unilaterally.

Greenshield Resources is strategically positioning itself to allow agro-based businesses and projects to compete more effectively by creating environmentally, technologically, and financially sustainable value chains through investment, research & developments, networking, measurement, analysis, training, and implementation.

Our passion is to help agro-based businesses and farmers to identify what their target customers’ value, and then use the resulting insights to reduce costs and simultaneously increase revenue.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for agricultural development in Africa, in particular West Africa, bringing to the local farmers and agriculture related enterprises and companies new solutions to improve their commercial and technical environment.

Our Mission

To unlock the potential of nature to improve quality of life

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