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Greenshield Resources Limited

We’re an agricultural value chain company dedicated to improving the sustainability, profitability, and
competitiveness of agricultural businesses through promoting and enabling the management of closely aligned value chain.

Embracing new innovations and up-to-date technology development.

A Promise of Survival

We unlock the potential of nature to improve quality of life.


A Promise of Survival

Greenshield helps businesses or small holder farmers to develop closer strategic relationships, customers, and suppliers, resulting in their being able to learn and adapt more effectively and realize greater outputs (yield & profitability) than if operated unilaterally.

We’re strategically positioning itself to allow agro-based businesses and projects to compete more effectively by creating environmentally, technologically, and financially sustainable value chains through investment, research & developments, networking, measurement, analysis, training, and implementation.

Our Services

Embracing new innovations and up-to-date technology development
in all our operations for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

Access to Markets

We provide efficient access to marketsas it allows farmers to sell their produce at fair prices, generate income, and improve their livelihoods.

Agric Services

Greenshield provide support services and interventions provided to farmers and agricultural producers to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.


We also focus on introducing and promoting new technologies and innovations that can improve farming practices and increase productivity.

Project Management

Greenshield Resources provide project management and capacity-building programs for equipping farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge to adopt improved practices.

Animal Husbandry

We offer a comprehensive range of animal husbandry services aimed at supporting the health, welfare, and productivity of livestock.

Research & Consultancy

Greenshield Resources also support research and development activities to address the specific challenges and needs of the agricultural sector.


Research & News Updates

We are determined to overcome challenges while respecting the environments in which we operate.

Our Research Partners

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